TUCANO C 60 1.57 “ 23.6″ 2.24 lb SX-DX
TUCANO C 80 1.97 “ 31.5″ 2.62 lb SX-DX
TUCANO C 100 2.17 “ 39.4″ 3 lb SX-DX


Cavity Hot forged “S” Leverism Ergonomic Aluminum



Professional curved shape lopper to hold the branch while cutting. The cavity on the blade reduces friction, making pruning faster and easier. The movement assisted by the lever mechanism with “S” tie-rod provides a better handle opening/cutting capability ratio, allowing TUCANO C to cut up to 1,97” diameter branches. The handles are made of oval shaped extruded aluminum capable of supporting extreme tension. The blade and “S” tie-rod (with bush), made of a high percentage carbon steel, are hot-forged. The hot-forged light aluminum anvil has a lifetime guarantee against breakage. These loppers are completely interchangeable. Suitable for any type of plant, however it is most frequently used by gardeners.



1 T1
2 T2
3 T3N
4 BS
5 T5 60
6 T5 80
6 T4
8 TTS 60
8 TTS 80
9 D13
1/2/3/4/9 KIT RICAMBI