ERGONOMIC 0.98″ 8.27″ 0.48 lb RH


Hot forged Cavity Aluminum Ergonomic



Kick-back on the wrist is prevented by the anvil system and their curved shape allows the user to grip the branch during cutting. The ergonomic grip and cutting head aligned with the branch allow the wrist to maintain a natural position, reducing the effort used by the operator while cutting. The steel blade, made with high percentage carbon,  is hot-forged. The cavity in the blade reduces friction and increases branch penetration. These pruners are completely interchangeable and adjustable, just like all our manual pruning tools.


1 TI1
2 C2
3 TI 3
4 C4
5 ERGO 5
6 ERGO 6
7 ERGO 7
8 D13